Dear Neighbours, 

We find ourselves in a time of political uncertainty. Doug Ford’s plan for 25 very large wards creates a situation in which candidates with close ties to developers, land speculators and other private interests can masquerade as people who care about our community. These candidates are well-financed and supported by those who want to break all the planning rules that protect our neighbourhoods. I’ve fought that for many years,  and I can’t sit back and watch it happen now.

Many residents and community leaders have asked me to postpone my retirement so that we can keep a steady hand on the wheel. I have agreed. 

Change also brings opportunities. I’m focussed on creating a more livable community, where the safety of those walking our streets takes priority over motorists speeding through our neighbourhoods. And I want to make Yonge our main street, not a dangerous highway jammed with cars from the 905. 

I’ll keep building community centres, parks and child care centres, and   – even more urgently – working with the school boards to build new schools to deal with the terrible overcrowding caused by out-of-control development. 

Willowdale has always supported me. I will continue to support it.

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